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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm Being Set Up...

There is nothing like spending days and days getting set up. I'm attempting to be very particular in this since I want the painting party days to go well. Choosing the outfit for the model first off presented a couple of problems. It is a dark fabric with lots of small designs printed all over it in gold. What does that go with? How should a background look for something like this? Finding the red scarf for the headgear (matching the red in the skirt) only added to the dilemma. Fortunately I have a nice stash of fabrics which I've collected over the years. I pulled out everything.

I spent two days just hanging the stuff around the studio to see how it all looked in different lights. Do I want strong directional light? Soft diffused light? Natural light? What??? I began to layer stuff just to see what happened and suddenly it began to come together. I then spent two days layering and relayering. I ironed out wrinkles in some and allowed wrinkles to remain in others. I was blessing myself for buying that photo backdrop stand once again, though. It makes life so much easier.  I began, finally to put darker layers at the bottom and gradually layer lighter toward the top. Ok. Another two hours redraping but now I think I might have the right effect. I'll know in another week, just before the model arrives.

And what do I place her on? A chair? A couch? On the floor? Facing which way? Looking up, down, sad, happy, pensive? What is this painting going to say?

Heck with it. It is just supposed to be a couple of days painting for the fun of it. I can over analyze ad nauseum and that in itself gets nauseating. 

Oh wait, a prop...a plant stand with a silver candle holder on it? An actual plant? A bowl of Chili?...


  1. Wow...what a process....can't wait to see the painting!

  2. Golly! What a lot of work you're putting in. Looking forward to seeing the paintings :) xx

  3. I think that setting up is part of the fun; looks like you're having a good time

  4. Yes, it is fun but also a tad stressful as I start second guessing myself about how it should "look." Today I am trying to let that part go and just find some other needed items, like a good chair for the model, a hassock for her feet, and how to set up a light so it isn't in her eyes...

  5. Wow, Karen,

    You are going all out! I know the result will be beyond anything you have planned in you head. Wait until Sam hits the scene....

    Thanks for stopping by today. i'm glad you liked the piece I wrote. I plan to do a flash fiction riddle-like post for the whole challenge.

  6. This is a real teaser. Can't wait to see what you actually come up with.

  7. I am loving the look of that costume! I can't wait to see what you paint with that! But, wow, your preparations are giving me a headache just reading them! I think it will be gorgeous no matter what. :)