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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter procrastination

Cyclamen & Lace colored pencil 24"x30"
It seems to be happening a bit early this year, the sense of procrastination that overcomes me every winter. I think I can manage to get through it soon as the guilt will become too much and force me back at the easel. I will once again wonder what the problem was since I am always
very happy after I become absorbed in the work. In the meantime I am putting together all the
pictures of our wedding in an album - from eight years ago! They have been sitting in a box all
this time; talk about procrastination...
Above is a colored pencil piece I did quite some time ago when I still lived in Rochester, NY. This was a window in my tiny attic studio. I draped a lace tablecloth over the curtain rod and placed a small potted plant on the sill to brighten up a dreary, winter scene. I had used the same lace cloth as a curtain in previous abodes right from the mid seventies when there was no money to buy regular curtains. It always provided a sense of elegance to an otherwise somewhat impoverished environment, but then, I have read that artists know how to live well even when they have no money - my places never wanted for interesting decor:-) Now they call it "shabby chic."
I hear the pages of the wedding photo album calling...


  1. Karen, your work is just SO breathtaking. I love every single piece you post. Good luck with the photo album. Oy, I have a TON of baby photos that need a home! :)

  2. simply stunning karen! the light playing on the wall is amazing!

  3. Your pencil window is lovely Karen. Do I detect a bird outside the window..or was it an angel who beckoned you to move forward?

  4. Glad you guys like this. No, Healing Woman, there is no bird or angel out side that window...it is a tree branch covered in snow! Hard to read in this photo, I know. I did a digital rephotographing of the film print I had of this so it didn't come out really clear. I sold the original about 8 years ago. Crystal, I was very good about keeping albums up to date when my son was small, right up through high school...then it kind of stopped. And Suzanne, the light coming through the lace was what attracted me to do this painting in the first place...it all took a lot of patience!

  5. If I understand you correctly, we share the same procrastination towards the easel. I keep asking myself why, given that I profess to love painting so much.
    The shadow play on the wall is proof to what you say about artist's living well. We find beauty is the simplest things. Lovely painting!

  6. It's beautiful! You have some really fantastic art here. I'm following your blog now. Thanks for visiting mine and for your nice comments.

  7. You have a wonderful blog. I have enjoyed seeing your work. This is a lovely window painting.