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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Feel Another Painting Coming On...

This week I met with Samanda and visited her family home where I was introduced to Chica, their parrot. She is sweet and gentle and very social so it was a real treat. I have already planned my next painting with Samanda in it but now I think there will be another to follow that...one with Chica included. I am envisioning something but don't want to discuss it much since when I do that the project has a good chance of never happening. I need to learn how to keep my consul when planning my work...I can be such a blabbermouth though. When I did the pastel painting of Lisa with a Lyrebird I didn't talk much about it and the result was successful and sold almost right away! I had to research Lyrebirds and try to incorporate found photos with the images I had taken of Lisa when she posed for me. This time I can pose Chica with Samanda - always a better option for having light and angle work together. I think it will be later this Spring or Summer when Samanda is home from school again and it will need to be at her house. Chica is very sensitive and might not want to cooperate in an unfamiliar setting (like my studio). In the meantime a friend has given me about $300 worth of canvases that she is not going to be using so I am probably set for the whole of 2011. Happy New Year to all!


  1. Karen,

    You have two beautiful models to work with. The light that plays on Samanda's hair and Chica's vibrant colors will certainly inspire you to create a vision of beauty, which I am sure will sell quickly..

    Hoping the new year brings you health and happiness.


  2. That's going to be an awesome new painting with Samanda. That bird is so colorful! And I love the painting at the top. It's so sensitive and thoughtful. :)

    And I'm like the worst blabbermouth ever about all my art plans. I can't shut up about it and then I don't always follow through. Oops! Happy New year to you my good friend.

  3. Look forward to the portrait! Have a great 2011 Karen, Im sure those canvases have brought a smile to your face)

  4. Thanks everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

  5. Hi there "You" ... Happy New Year!So glad to see "You".... back in your groove".... confident and "at the easel"! Good girl!

    The Lyre Bird Lady is grand.... the usual Karenesque product of much thought... planning... research... excellent draughtsmanship... tonal magic... and worry!HAHA!!

    If one didn't worry/care about excellence... the bar would never get lifted!

    Look forward to watching your progress... and sharing in 2011!

    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for the vote of confidance! I think you are going to have a great year also.