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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's That Time of the Year

"Cat Nap" oil 22"x28"
How can I think about the upcoming plans for new work right now? This happens to me every year about this time. I am not especially enmeshed in holiday rush stuff as it is basically just Bob and me and possibly Elissa and Tyler will come up after Christmas for a few days. Old thoughts press to the forefront and it is hard to find the impetus to start a new canvas. That will pass as it always does so I just go with it for a time until I am sick and tired of not producing anything:-) Meanwhile I post some old work, but most of you who follow me have not seen it so to you it can be new. This was my son, right around Christmas time, back in the early 80's. The material on the futon was from drapes my mother had made for the house in the 50's. I used that fabric for quite a few things around my own places. I still have some of it. Very trendy stuff now I understand. She also made the afghan draped over my sleeping child. That got ruined when I washed it and put it in the dryer...I don't think she ever quite got over my doing that...I thought it was dryable yarn, which all her other afghans happened to be! I had just gone back to school to work on my MFA when I did this painting. I was excited and inspired. It got me into a good gallery and sold to somebody in Philadelphia but I don't know who. I often wish I hadn't parted with it.
The cat had been with me since Toronto and moved to LA with me and back to east to Rochester after I got married and had Tristan. Poor, Puff...had to give him away finally as my allergies began to cause serious health concerns for me...he couldn't forgive that but he didn't understand the deadly alternative to finding a new home for him. No body promised him life would be easy
but I did my best, for both of these little guys. Tristan is 34 now...


  1. What a terrific painting. I can see why you still miss it.

  2. Your painting is so full of family history and memories. I know you sold it but at least you took a picture of it. Also, think about the joy you had when you found out it sold at the gallery.

    It doesn't sound like it was your fault on the shrinking of the afghan but I can understand your mom's anguish over it..we all are guilty of doing something like that once in awhile.

    Enjoyed reading this post and about the painting. I thought it was a photograph when I first looked at it..as I do most of your beautiful paintings.

  3. this is an amazing painting karen. it's just breathtaking. i keep staring at it. i would love to see it in person. lovely post as well. i can't believe it's that time again.

  4. What a lovely story and sad you lost the painting though it is good it is being loved and cherished in another home. Sad about poor puff I do hope you found a home for him. The great thing is that we have the images on our computer of paintings that we have sold over the years, it is fine to revisit them and share their story here. This is a wonderful painting Karen.

  5. There is so much memories in this wonderful painting you did. I probably would have regretted selling it BUT your memory of this painting is in your heart! Beautifully done.

  6. You already painted fabulously in the 80's. I envy you.

  7. Thank you guys! As for Puff, we did find a good home for him, a farm that my husband's cousin lived on. We visited a few weeks after giving him to her. There were a lot of other animals in the house so Puff spent most of his time on top of the refrigerator and refused to speak to us. I do hope he adjusted eventually. He was 7 or 8 years old by then.

  8. What a beautiful, tender painting. And I dearly love to read your words Karen. :) I am always awe inspired by your work, there's skill, tons of skill, but so much heart and emotion too. You are one talented lady. :)

  9. What Crystal does with watercolor, you do with oils. I thought it was a photograph until I read the word painting.

    Karen, you are remarkable. Your ease of paint and subject matter is so beautiful. How sweet the innocence of youth and the charming tabby.

    I always appreciated, and I have to admit, that I sometimes envied artists that could paint like you. I Have my BFA in illustration from School of Visual Arts in NYC. Many of my friends are talented artists, but your degree of realism has me floored. The details astonishing. I had the same reaction when I saw Crystal's art.

    I hadn't painted in over ten years and just picked up the paint and canvas to illustrate the cover of my book. The next time you visit my blog, please take a look under the illustrations. I have a more whimsical and looser style.

    Thank you for the lovely words. I appreciate them. I have only been writing for a few years. I have had many other lives before this one. I am so very happy to meet you.

    I will look forward to seeing you again and I will visit you, too.


  10. Thank you, Michael! How very flattering and sweet! I know a few artists whose works floors me too - thank goodness we are all different and all have our own gifts. I shall look at your illustrations with great interest.

  11. Karen this is breathtaking, the detail is incredible, wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year:o)