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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Image of Samanda, I Promise!

"Juanita in her Hat" - graphite sketch from life
"Juanita" - vine charcoal sketch from life - 1/2 hour pose
"Chrysalis" - oil - 36"x24"
I reshot the painting of Samanda, titled it "BodyWrap" and submitted it to the online FineArtsView
competition for this month. Having been chosen for the top FAV 15% in September with the painting of "Lisa" I am hoping for another notice! We artists are consummate "egoists" - always about Me, Me, Me, I know...so let's talk about YOU for a change...tell me, what do YOU think about me? Old joke, I know. Anyway, this is the last post of this image for a while. I just wanted it to be a better shot than what I posted previously - colours are more accurate here - at least on MY monitor - what about yours? Someone wrote me that Samanda is like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis and I love that idea and it feels very right, so I have to retitle this piece and call it "Chrysalis". Much better! I am so lousy at naming my own work or finding the right metaphors for it...it is there in my head, all of it, but putting actual names to things is not my strong point. I wonder if I can go back and rename the piece in the competition?
The sketches are from yesterday's drawing group at Vicky Scott's studio near Courtenay. I haven't been for a while so it was good to get back. This model, Juanita, we have had many times and she is really wonderful to draw. Vicky and I discussed hiring Juanita to pose just for us and one or two others who are interested in a long carefully planned pose. Most of those who come are interested in poses no longer than an hour. I would like to do an oil painting of Juanita and I loved what she was wearing yesterday. Again, it just felt right. I can never describe to models what it is I want from them accurately enough. When it is there, it is is simply obvious. Juanita has a natural grace and sense of beautiful posing and features that are timeless. I have several quite beautiful drawings of her. A portrait is in order soon, I think.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments on the painting of Samanda! It is so great to have you guys around! It is ok to let me know when you don't like something I do, also, you know! (But be gentle:-).


  1. Hi Karen ..glad you liked my butterfly interpretation.Great title.

  2. Hi there "You"!... "Juanita and her Hat" - a beautiful... sensitive rendering of a soul deep in thought! A little saying a whole lot!That says it all!

    I agree... a great future subject in paint! It would make..." a great pigment of your imagination." HAHA!! Couldn't resist!

    Good Painting... and Good Karma back!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Karen I can't think of anything I could possibly, ever say about what I don't like about your work. There just isn't anything! I really, really enjoyed the drawings. So beautiful and simple but done with such skill!

    And I have such a hard time asking people to model for me the way I see it in my head. It's hard to put into words you know? But like you, I know it when I see it! :)

    Thanks again for your always kind and wonderful comments at my blog.

  4. I am enjoying your work very much. If you are ever in Comox. I have three of my paintings on view at the Pearl Ellis Gallery.

  5. Hi Karen,
    It's always such a pleasure to get back to your blog and see what you've been working on and was so pleased to see your gorgeous finished piece of Samanda. It is a piece I would relish in person; I'm certain.

    Of course, I look forward to whatever you bring next.


  6. Dear Karen,
    Wow, lovely work for figures!! Your blog is very interesting. Please keep up and make us happy.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  7. Well I love your studies and your painting of Samanda is a real treat)