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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 100 Hurdle!

Sketches for Stained Glass ceiling, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, circa 1973
Today is a milestone...One Hundred followers! Wow. I really never expected to earn the interest of so many and I am very appreciative, believe me! I shall endeavor to keep you all from getting majorly (is that a word?) bored and find good stuff to talk about and intriguing images to post.
This is a serious motivator for me to keep a fire under myself to produce the best work I can.
Thank you everyone!
I decided to celebrate my 100th follower by showing some old sketches of mine from my Illustrator days. I had just moved back to LA in 1973 and found free lance work with a company that made stained glass windows and lamps for commercial use (restaurants, etc.). They had me design windows and lampshades for The Rusty Scupper restaurant chain first and then I was hired to design a ceiling that was to be 24ft. long for the newly built Las Vegas Hilton Hotel...one of the lobbies. It had to have an underwater mermaid theme I was told. I knew a bit about how stained glass is put together having taken a short course that same year and understood about the necessity of designing to make sure the connecting areas of glass would not cause stresses that could compromise the stability of the whole. I was enthusiastic and excited. I worked for a couple of weeks on a lot of ideas and finally came up with the one you see at the bottom. I also did a colour drawing but that has long since disappeared unfortunately. Even more unfortunate was my client's reaction. Instead of the happiness and thrill I hoped for, he was very concerned over the complexity of my vision. He also did not want to pay for the 80plus hours of work I had put into this project. He paid me about half of what I expected, took my design and had his inhouse designers rework and simplify it. The result, which I didn't see until a year or so later when my husband was passing through LasVegas and stopped to take a photo of the ceiling, was a mere token of my idea. It was cartoony and limpid and a major disappointment. All I could do was chalk it up to experience. A few short years later the hotel had a big fire and the ceiling was destroyed I am told. Karmic justice I thought secretly to myself...


  1. Oh my gosh! This post strikes a note with me. I was a glass artist for over 25 years. I designed and executed hundreds of windows for churches, restaurant and households. I would start out, as you did, with a very, very intricate drawing, only to find out that it had to be simplified because it was not cost effective. I lost a lot of money when I executed the extremely intricate ones. I sacrificed for arts sake though. I can understand fully why you were upset that your original was not used but I can also understand how your client had to compromise..a word I really don't like to use
    with art.

    Your original sketch is just dynamic. I would have loved to work on that one!!!
    Funny how so many clubs went up in flames in those days isn't it?

  2. Well congrats Karen! You completely deserve those 100 followers! And here's to many more to come. :)

    Karmic justice indeed. Serves them right! And I LOVE your design. It's just breathtaking, your lines are so fluid and graceful. It's gorgeous. :)

  3. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! This is a wonderful story and I appreciate your blog as it is very informative and interesting.

  4. What an amazing story! Beautiful drawings too.

  5. Hi Karen:

    Interesting subject... I do think that your work may not have been ready for the World at that time... absolutely beautiful piece .. the details..the dream-like quality.. maybe it was only meant to begin it's journey back then and to become imbedded in the fabric of life now?
    Always love to read the stories of others experiences... they help when I make my way through my experiences... Congratulations on your 100th follower... it's incredible when so many like to hear what we have to say... Elle How

  6. Wonderful post and amazing sketches....so detailed!!! beautiful job Karen.

  7. Beautiful sketches Karen, and that Mermaid, Wow!! I love Art Nouveau and she certainly swims in it. Congratulations with your following, they are in for a treat.

    A Happy Happy Christmas wish I send to you.

  8. Hi "You"!.... Great things... from the past! Can't wait to see 2011 unfold the greatness of tomorrow!

    Wishing "You"... Bob... your family...yes... The Furry Ones too.... Season's Greetings... and a Happy...Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

    Look forward ... to more of your Magic!

    Much Peace... and Good Painting!