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Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Saying I'm Done...

This painting has reached the point where I just can't work on it any more. Every new brushstroke would be fussing. A friend says the fabric is creating a mystery in that it is impossible to tell if she is wearing a sari like dress or just wrapped in fabric that is hooked to the sky somewhere out of the picture frame. Her face, she said, looks out with vulnerability but not
with fear. I don't have the answers.


  1. With a beautiful painting like this you do not need the answers. Let us look, ponder and enjoy. Exceptional work!

  2. Wonderfully stunning work Karen..I think she is beautiful...and this piece makes me feel like she is a gorgeous Butterfly being releasing her cocoon! Very symbolic and i love the sense of movement in this piece...magical.

  3. Your friend said it perfectly. She does look a bit vulnerable. I know I would not touch this painting with one more stroke. She looks perfect to me. What a wonderful artist you are Karen.

  4. Hi "You"!

    Simply beautiful! Serene... and yes obvious vulnerability. Mystery and vulnerability are wonderful attributes. They involve the viewer past mere visual interpretation. Your work goes well beyond graphic accomplishment.

    Leaving something unsaid... is a gift from "You" to your viewer.

    Great painting Karen!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Very beautiful. Love the fabric. Definately done!

  6. I think your friend is dead on. It looks wonderful Karen. Just breathtaking. :)

  7. Absolutely stunning, a wonderful model excellently painted.