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Monday, November 8, 2010

Island Art Expo weekend

I am back from the weekend art expo down in Qualicum Bay at the Lighthouse Centre. Exhausting but fun time. Bob couldn't come along to help me schlep stuff because we have
four canine children who can't be left alone for three days and would not really be welcome romping around the art expo venue. Some gallant male artist friends helped me get those
folding doors set up and then yesterday, repacked into my truck.
I did several quickie portrait sketches over the weekend and yesterday morning a man came
to my table and asked if I would be averse to doing a portrait of Santa Claus. "Why would I?" I replied. Santa is as entitled as anyone to get sketched if he has the $15! (Everyone was giving
me $20 for their sketches...knowing that they were STILL getting a real bargain). So Santa came
in the afternoon and sat for his portrait sketch. He was a big hit with the other show goers.
The musicians that played on stage during the weekend enjoyed him too but were not inclined to
break into "Jingle Bells" thank goodness. It is still a BIT early! But I posed with Santa to prove to any skeptics that I really did do Santa's portrait(!) and darn it, my chipmunk cheeks are showing...


  1. Sounds like a great weekend and the sketch of Santa looks great!

  2. Hey there "You"!... Great looking show! Loved your setup! My fav Lady portrait looked GR8888... dead centre in your display!

    Sounds like all the work and schlepping paid off for "You"! Santa seemed pleased...HAHA!!

    Hope that Bob and the canine kids survived your absence!

    I well remember my art show days... hard work... but made lots of friends...and contacts!Seems that you found the same bonuses!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Wonderful idea to do on-the-spot sketches Karen - and you did Santa so well!
    Hope the event was a success.

  4. Awwww love the photo with Santa, we're all still kids at heart:) Hope you had a fantastic show. Pretty cool that Santa stopped by, a celebrity portrait:)

  5. Ha! Brilliant! Well done on the sketch:)