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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cupcakes and All I Need

So, ok, I got a bit carried away with this cupcake theme. It was a fun vacation for me, though, and I think I can get back to more serious mark making now that I have that out of my system. The painting of "Samanda" sits patiently waiting for my return over there on the other side of the studio. She is quiet and undemanding, except that the look in her eyes is a bit reproachful. I have now, in any case, my Christmas gifts ready to send off in a few weeks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, loving women in my life. I promised them hand painted scarves and I like to keep my promises when I can. Being a new Senior "pensioner" is giving me a sense of freedom I've never had before...I still intend to market my work but the sense of urgency is gone. I can breathe. I can relax a bit. I can sleep nights instead of wondering if this will be the month we can't make the mortgage payment. And thankfully our needs are small. I am letting go of a lot of the materialistic desires I once had. The house isn't my dream house but so what? It is a good house. A strong, warm house. I have put my stamp on every room and it enfolds Bob and me. The surroundings here are magical...I live in nature...the best decorator ever. The food is wholesome and we have enough of it. The birds visit, the dogs romp, and the other wildlife visits (sometimes when not invited but always welcome so long as they don't eat everything in sight and wreck the topiary). All I have is all I need. But a new camera would sure be nice...tell you what...I'll trade a personalized cupcake scarf for a good used Canon T1i Rebel DSLR.


  1. Hello there "You"!....What a wonderful pair of gifts these are for your loved ones!

    Welcome to the lazy crazy world of "pensioners"! There ain't much money... but enough to create the sense of peace and freedom that "You" are right now beginning to feel!

    Your world... like mine is a world of plenty! Plenty of love... with no boundaries... just challenges sitting on the easel... waiting to be stroked/ brushed!

    I am happy for "You" and Bob in your world of plenty!Samanda... and the challenges she exacts from "You"will more than fill the "empty "pensioner" schedule! Retired to "Me"... should really be written: re-tired. You just get another set... and motor on!

    As Browning wrote:
    "If there are not stars to reach out to
    Then what are the heavens for."

    Keep reaching! I for one... will be watching!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Thanks, Bruce. Not feeling the push to get out there and find a "job" is very liberating. I have had plenty of them over the years, everything from elevator operator to book bindery to layout and paste-up; clerking in stores, taking reservations for CN Railroad, serving frozen custard ice cream, and lots of illustration and teaching stuff. Nothing like being your own boss, though:-)

  3. Lovely all around, the scarf, the words. Being grateful for what we have is the ticket. Looking so forward to your continuing work on Samanda.

  4. Everything you said, Karen! And, I would love to know how to do those scarves, too. There is a workshop on the island this winter and your scarves are tempting me...yours are beautiful.

  5. fantastic cupcake design karen and beautiful gifts ...hope you get that camera :)

  6. You know I love cupcakes (and donuts!) and your scarves are a piece of art!