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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A "Bearly" Plausible Notion

This guy (or girl - don't know which!) has been seeking the center of my attention for over a week now. No matter what I do, hanging out old smelly dog blankets on the fence (after repairing where he crashes through), old dirty laundry (don't really want to go there...), rewiring the electric fence, sending the dogs out to do bear baiting duty, picking all fruit and cleaning up everything I can think of,and stomping around the yard banging loudly and annoyingly (just ask the neighbors) on a pot with a big metal spoon, this bear just won't take the hint. A real cutie, though, don't you agree? When Bob gets home in a week (God, a whole WEEK??), we are going to string barbed wire. Maybe put a loud speaker out there and play heavy metal 24 hrs. a day.(Isn't that how they finally got rid of Noriega?)
Meanwhile I am seriously considering doing a painting of this yard wrecker...just wish I could get close enough to make sure I get his eyelashes correct.


  1. You are brave! I wouldn't even be able to go near his new den, which used to be your yard and tree. He looks very large. I just know you'll create a great picture but be sure to use a zoom lens for the eyelashes!

  2. Hi there "You"... Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe you should invite Bruno in for turkey... seeing how Bob is AWOL from his civil defence duties... at Bear Trail Inn! HAHA!!

    On a more serious note! Your two entries are exceptional as always.... pondering... soulful and engaging... as a good portrait should always be.

    Wonderful ... how "You" have the knack and skill.. to always penetrate the barrier and hard to reach that area which exists somewhere between detail for detail's sake and revelation of character. An act somewhat like an actor or actress losing their own identity... to become the role.

    In any event...

    Good Luck with Smoky/Bruno... Good painting... and Happy Thanksgiving Karen!

    Warmest regards,

  3. great blog. great art. Love your visitor. We get a few of them around here too along with a grizzly now and then.
    Love your Blossoms entry. As far as I am concerned it is a winner.
    God bless and keep up the great work.

  4. Yikes! I would be freaked out right about now! I need to take anti-anxiety medication just going camping in an extremely public campground! lol! He/she does look very large! Be careful there lil'missy! Hugs and blessings to you!

  5. Kelly, thanks for the concern...I am always very careful! I know enough not to approach too closely or start running around...the bear is as wary of me as I am of it, believe me!

  6. Yes, be careful. Rather disconcerting having the bear hanging around. Love your entry.

  7. maybe some loud riotous beatles music?
    someone local friend of mine told me he hangs ballons filled with ammonia...
    okay I have to go google bear's eyelashes now

  8. Balloons filled with ammonia...hmmm...could work, I guess, but sure would stink up the yard! Anyway, he hasn't been back in two days now...nothing worthwhile left here for him to eat!

  9. Wow! I would be so scared if I had to deal with bears! An occasional raccoon & possum is bad enough~ My brother lives where bears are he uses a blow horn. Glad to hear hubby is coming back soon. Take care, Theresa

  10. he's huge !!! almost tame ... not sure how i'd feel about being so close ..take care