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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blocking in

Underpainting is usually the part of painting that is most invigorating and makes me the most nervous. Everything follows what is done from this step, builds from it, and is influenced for good or ill by it. Above I blocked in warm and cool colours and established position of features. The second image has had all the colours blended with a very small fan brush and some corrections in the drawing of the features. This needs to dry now before I can start the next layer. I will block in the rest of the figure and background probably tomorrow. This session took a couple of hours which doesn't sound like much but the concentration required is very tiring.
Meanwhile, we are having a bit of a heat wave out here - kind of unusual, although it does happen about this time in the summer for a few days each year. My studio is staying amazingly cool though, set back near a lot of trees and facing northwest. When its too hot I am useless so I am very grateful for how well designed this little building is.


  1. This s really interesting, Karen, thans for sharing. I change my process with almost every pantinga thte moment so I'm always keen to see how others works. I like the idea of using Viridian to tone the canvas in your earlier post...I'll try it for flesh tones. The blending work has made a huge difference here, esp as your first markings in colour were so bold. Looking forward to following the progress of this.

  2. Wow, Karen! You have such a great painting underway and a beautiful model, too. I enjoy seeing your process at such an early stage and applaud your ability to take on such a large project. I will enjoy following along...

  3. Thank you Caroline and Sandy! Yes, Caroline, do try the viridian underpainting for skin tones, an amazing effect. Changing your process a lot is a good way to learn what works for you and what doesn't. And Sandy, your pastels of the ocean have had me looking at the ocean in a new light and with deeper appreciation.