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Monday, August 16, 2010

Blocking finished

I'm going along faster than I expected on this so far but now that the underpainting is done I have a feeling that the universe will slow down for me. The layers of transparent fabric with all of the changes in light, reflected light, shadows, and highlights is going to take concentrated effort to pull off. In some ways this is about the fabrics and not the model. She is a wonderful conduit for exploring those elegant folds. Textiles are one of my favorite things and painting portraits of beautiful fabrics is a way to preserve them beyond the limitations they experience in various environments which can cause them to deteriorate quickly. Since the human face is also one of my favorite things the two subjects are a perfect meld for me. But you should paint more landscapes or florals I have been told - who wants to buy a painting of someone they don't know? Somehow the right buyer often comes along and responds to the painting regardless of the subject. I have to admit, though, to having a growing collection of figurative paintings which so far have not found a home. It is almost like the way old fashioned wire hangers seem to accumulate in the closet - are they mating in there - and do I really want to know?


  1. Beautiful work Karen, I love this :) I'm going to wait and watch how you handle those folds of fabric, I have a hard time with that.

    I often ask myself the same thing, but florals and landscapes just don't excite me as much as figures you know? I think they'll find a good home eventually.

  2. Karen, this is spectacular, it's just incredible!!! I think the buyers for figurative paintings are out there, do not stop for any reason, your human form work is just incredible and so inspiring!! Each step with this painting is something I'm looking forward to seeing. Bravo!!

    And thank you so very much for your wise and supportive comments and suggestions. They have helped me immensely!

  3. Hi Karen, thank you for the kind compliment on my seascapes. I believe that, as artists, we are responsible for painting what we love and the paintings are responsible for finding their homes. (Albeit, some never choose to leave their place of birth.) It is apparent from the progress on this piece that you have chosen a subject that sings within you!

  4. What a great start! Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  5. This painting is going to be wonderful. Her face is beautiful.

  6. Like this beautiful piece very much. Thanks!