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Thursday, August 26, 2010

An arm and a hand...

Today, by the time I got to the painting, I wasn't really in the mood but knowing how things work if I decide to push through my lethargy I took up the brush. I became so involved that I didn't even know it had been raining right outside my large window until I came up for air a couple of hours later. I worked on the neck, hand, and arm but had a rough beginning. The first hour was me muttering to myself that I didn't seem to know what I was doing...just mixing colours randomly, applying them carelessly and seeing what happened. The second hour I felt the "groove" and suddenly knew what I was supposed to do. I just needed to get into that zone of concentration and I'm sure most of you who are so kind to be following me know exactly what I'm talking about.
It just can't be forced, but it can be nudged:-) There are a rainbow of colours in these skin tones.
Lots of very dark reds and umbers, lighter shades of cerulean mixed with a bit of naples yellow, and subtle purples. I will need to get back into the shadow areas around the fingers...maybe I won't even have shadows there. They are making her fingers look kind of pudgy...don't know. I'm too tired to have any sort of good judgement.
I also want to get a few small things ready for an outdoor exhibit on Sept. 11th that my Campbell River gallery is having in the Spirit Square next to the Campbell River Public Gallery. If the weather holds it could be good opportunity to make some connections. I also want to get started on the two large silk scarves I have planned. One is stretched and I have my reference ready...just have to work up the impetus to mix the gutta and actually start. I'm also waiting to hear about a couple of shows I entered. The Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists contacted me this week and my entry has been accepted but no word on the other shows. Heard about a few more shows to enter by November. Do I even want to? Getting ready for shows is stressful, but the chance for more exposure is important if I want to sell more. Some days I feel too old to be keeping up the pace.


  1. I like the composition of this. You've cropped into the figure in an interesting way.

  2. This is just a "detail" of the painting but I also thought the photographed composition pretty interesting...I might do another painting with just this sort of cropping. I often like my closeup, detail views better than the whole piece!