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Friday, August 13, 2010

All of Her

Presenting work to the world is always a tremulous experience. Lyndia is here with herself and she was tired from her artist-in-residence work for the Parksville Heritage Museum, doing numerous pieces for a new show there and needing to organize all aspects of the presentation.
I normally have one new thing at a time to show but she is prolific and goes through series of paintings or drawings on a little sleep, occasional eating, and hectic pace. It flows in and must come out almost all at once. I never work this way. Is one better than the other? I think not.


  1. Hi Karen!... How wonderful to see how very closely your portrait represents Lyndia and to see the three of "Her" together!!HAHA!! Nice touch!

    We all "see" differently... work differently... feel differently in so many ways. That's what makes our art and what we've got to say unique and allows us to "pull the plow... rather than to follow along behind it." N'est-ce pas vrai?

    Though we have never met Karen... "I" feel that "sameness" of spirit shared between us... and in Lyndia through your very fine portrait!

    Masterfully done...

    Good Painting... and Happy Birthday.... AGAIN!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Such a beautiful piece, and it's so cool to see the model with the painting. It's gorgeous!

    SOmetimes I work like Lyndia, other times I'm like a snail, little here, little there. Sloooooow. :)

    It balances out in the end I think. I agree I don't think one or the other is a better way, to each her own right? ;)

  3. Fascinating portrait... great concept, splitting her down the middle like that. Very impressive.

  4. Karen you are amazing and so inspiring. Your portrait work takes the next step and is so interesting as well as masterfully done. I'm so inspired by your process and concepts, thank you!