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Monday, July 26, 2010

Two days of working outdoors

Working outdoors, set up on my small chair in the shade of one of our fruit trees for the past two days has been an exercise is serenity and faith. I have not struggled to finish, and have more work yet to do, but managed to take in the warm winds, the cool sun, the soft ground, and the experience of losing my sense of time and place. Just seeing where a colour needed to be, mixing that colour and applying it, moving on to the next one, and accepting the results. It would
be nice to paint that way all the time. No stress, no concerns, just bliss.


  1. Your painting is so beautiful Karen. Really fantastic work. And oh how I wish painting could be bliss like that all the time! I'm glad it's going well for you!

  2. "divided" makes a strong impact karen ... it looking excellent at this stage .

  3. Lovely painting! If you were painting outdoors where I live, you would be melting. We are having a heatwave here!

  4. "divided" indeed hits a nerve! Thank you also for your compliments.

  5. Nice to "meet" you Karen. I like your paintings. This one has a lot of emotion to it. Yes, wouldn't it be great to paint with ease, no struggle. Seems to be more the exception.....

  6. Working outside always gives me an inner peace
    Nature has that special effect on people
    The painting is beautiful:
    Strong, yet sensitive