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Friday, July 23, 2010


a friend working in my garden...
Lyndia and me on the deck of my studio...
Samanda with new apples...
...and behind a veil...
by Lyndia Terre
And you want to know my process?
how do I make "art"
how do I decide what to draw
or paint or write or sing or dance
or what breath to take first
ah, first.
first I am like an open sieve,
or is it more a porous sponge
filling and filling until
I am so close to exploding
there needs to be some
slow down letting
or I will blow
fall into disrepair
wounded, destroyed
from all I have taken in
then against all better knowledge
I am forced to place myself
in direct contact
with the space, the place
the ideas
the sky, the moon
the time of day
the sand under my feet
the possibility of weather
of sun setting
of no sun at all
and I set out
(first section of a nine verse poem, copyright, Lyndia Terre, 2010)


  1. Hi Karen!... Nice to see "You" back... "on the air" after vacation. Looks as if the break really revved "you" up... lots of new ideas here!

    You new set up will definitely be of great benefit to you in your portraiture... save you a lot of time for sure!

    Love the "Divided" piece- very quirky composition... but it works obviously!

    Welcome back... and Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  2. Thanks Bruce! So nice to get your greeting!

  3. Hi Karen, thank you for following my blog. I've seen your work on the Artist Challenge and thought o wow, she's a gem :) The blue ribbon in the crystal vase was amazing Karen, you have such a way with paints I so admire. I shall be checking in more often !