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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the Cusp

I haven't been working on paintings in a day for a while as I wanted to complete this 30"x40" piece in time for Painting on the Edge, a show with the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists). It is open to artists world wide so I don't know what my chances are of getting in but one has to try! I call this "On the Cusp" as it is a self portrait of my aging self (minus just a few sags, bags, and wrinkles).
I also went to Rochester, NY to see my son, Tristan Tomaselli, graduate with honours from college. The photo is with me, Tristan, and his Dad, Michael. Exhausting, exciting, fulfilling trip. Travel isn't what it used to be! Someone told me it is like being moved along in cattle cars. I am of the age where I remember gracious service and complete meals (not great food, but food non-the-less; now you are lucky to get something to drink). The world is more dangerous, though, now and all the security measures are necessary I suppose. I doubt I will be traveling again for a while.

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