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Monday, June 22, 2009

Another summer meadow

This is a record for me. A finished piece in a week. The Wallis paper forced me to work quickly and directly with no finicky details. Part of me rebels at this. Part of me is enchanted by my willingness to allow stuff to just happen on the paper. I went directly to matting and framing this piece as soon as I decided it was finished. Am I turning over a new leaf? Summer is upon us and yard work takes up time; a small hummingbird hangs out at the feeder outside my studio window every ten minutes or so. Breezes blow, the sky has puffy clouds, and the temperature is perfect. The paintings yet to be done are sitting in the back of my mind. It will be hard, as it always is, to begin the next piece. I am very sincerely trying to not think of the elephant in my studio, that is the tendency to lean toward what might be commercially viable. Keep to the inner vision and forget about who may or may not like it. A long time acquaintance going back to art school days has a website that I strongly endorse. David Peto's work is geometric, energetic, off-the-cuff, sometimes humorous, engaging, and now returning to realism with his own twist on what that term means. www.davepeto.com.

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