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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I was very pleased to learn that a painting I have in the Campbell River Art Gallerly 27th Annual Members' Exhibition has won an Award of Merit. This is always a gratifying experience, although I have learned not to place too much significance on awards. Rejection is not pleasant but can't be taken personally as a different jury would likely choose a different show and give different awards. I have had the same work accepted in one place and rejected from another. Non-the-less, being recognized is very encouraging! "Nicole in the Rose Trellis" is 16"x16", oil on canvas. I had a neighbor child pose in my garden two summers ago and I loved the light on her face when she stood under the trellis. The greens and reds reflected back gently on her skin and gave her an ethereal, otherworldly look which was quite a challenge to capture in paint. I think I might show the sequence of painting this piece in a new posting as the skin tones went through several changes before I felt I had it right. Skin tones are of particular interest to me and no matter what overall colour a person looks to be they are, in fact, a rainbow. If you look intently at your own hand or face, for instance, in different lights you can see reds, blues, yellows, greens, and purples no matter what your heritage. Some colours are more prominent obviously, but whether light, medium or dark the total spectrum is right there.

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