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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Taking Advantage of Perfect Weather

Day Two

          The weather has been so beautiful I decided to pretend to be a plein aire painter and took all my gear outside (but I'm working from sketches and photos so it isn't really plein aire:-) I meant to take a photo of my outdoor setup and then forgot, so I'll try to do it tomorrow if the weather persists in being so perfect! 
             This piece is 20"x30" which is a decent size to be attempting this landscape. I need to get it done within a couple of weeks so I intend to keep at this daily if I can.


Day Three

          This is interesting for me because I am so accustomed to working with the figure or portrait and knowing just what steps I need to take, whereas here I am stumbling along trying to figure out the best procedure. As it turns out the steps I'm taking are similar to my approach to portraiture, laying in basic values and building up layers of colour. I guess painting is just painting, eh? I have to admit I'm not entirely unhappy with it so far but the ol' "what if I ruin it?" syndrome is in the back of my mind. I have to keep telling myself, "it's only paint, it's only paint," but I have the same fears no matter what I'm working on, and I am fairly good at ignoring them.

           Working outdoors on such  gorgeous days is such a treat. All of us here on the north island are taking advantage because we know that the rainy season, (rainy, chilly, windy, there-goes-the-power-out-again season), will soon be upon us. On the other hand, that means it will be time to fire up the woodstove and enjoy cuddling under blankets, reading good books, lighting candles and oil lamps, and making wonderful dishes from the fruits of our garden put up in jars or the freezer. I need to get back to that afghan I started last year when I broke my ankle...it's only about half finished. Simple pleasures really are the best.


  1. Oh boy, Karen! I think this is looking so beautiful! As you know, I know that feeling of "what if I ruin it." Unfortunately, I usually do. LOL I'm not sure how I always end up running off the rails but alas, it is so. You however, never do to my mind. I was interested to see you added the blue of the sky afterwards...I think I always tend to work from furthest away to closest, or back to front. I don't know why...maybe that is one of my problems though.

    And thank you kindly for the pep talk! Goodness knows I need them from time to time. (Ok, most of the time!)

  2. Hi there !... Life is good... when the important ducks are in a row! Seem,s that they are... and are in place to be so... when Mr Winter comes a' callin!... SOON!

    Nice progress on the landscape!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. I came over to your blog from Crimson Leaves to tell you how great your comment was to her. You gave wonderful, insightful advice.
    My reward is seeing your beautiful work. This has a great design and most important, a beautiful emotional quality. I will certainly be back

  4. I love it! Beautiful tree.

    I agree, the weather has been wonderful here too. My favorite kind of weather. ;)

  5. Hi Karen, I came over to tell you how much I liked the encouraging comment you gave Crimson Leaves, and I am so glad I did. Your work is wonderful. This is a great step-by-step. Thanks.