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Friday, September 21, 2012

Continuing in the Forest

             Feeling a bit better about this now. I have to wrap my head around the idea that it's ok to let shapes and colours just kind of land on the surface and not worry if it isn't perfect or is completely correct in proportion, etc. It would be too easy to get lost for weeks on end in all the little leaf shapes for instance; a recipe for insanity. This is what I ended up with today. 

                This was yesterday's work with closeups below. I am allowing one small figure in the piece. This was a little girl who was part of our group who sat working on paintings of her own. I think it's appropriate since this IS The Children's Forest!

              The figure is so tiny in the painting that there is no way I can add any facial detail, but that's ok. I just like having her there.

              Bruce, am I getting the hang of slapping it on yet?


  1. Karen, I am wishing for you to stop right here on this one because I love the dreamlike quality you have achieved, and yet I know that may not be how you feel about it and you are the artist. It has a wonderful mystical feeling.

    I loved the beautiful dress you made for yourself for your son's wedding, and congrats to him and his bride.

  2. It is coming along just beautifully, Karen. I love it. Also, yesterday I thought it was a ghostly little kitty back there; I laugh at myself this morning. LOL

  3. Ooooh, I love the little girl in there. Nice job!

  4. Mona, thank you for your comment about the "dreamlike quality". I love that you see that! However, as you mentioned, it is not really entirely what I'm going for, although, that is certainly part of it. There is still quite a lot I plan to do...there are ferns and grasses to add to the foreground, for instance, which I think will tie in the colours and composition better...I can only hope!
    Sherry, it is funny that you first thought the "ghostly" image was a cat! It could have been, couldn't it? Except I think a domestic cat would be very frightened by the forest; a cougar, which we have here, but not on Cortes Island, is a different matter!
    Thank you Carolyn for visiting!