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Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Portrait Workshop

detail from "Tristan Traveling Through Time" oil, 36"x36"

          I am giving a portrait workshop the last weekend of September here at my Sayward Valley Studio. Several people have asked me about when I would do this again as it has been quite a while, so I decided early Autumn was a good time. Here are the details:

September 29th & 30th
Cost: $125 
model fee 
organic vegetarian lunches included

Basic structure of the skull and planes of the head will be first morning; drawing in graphite
Afternoon work from live model and begin to discuss skin tones, hair rendering, lighting, poses
Second day continue colour work from model
in Oil, Pastel, Color Pencil, or Acrylic

 graphite sketch

colored pencil

pastel (finished)

pastel sketch

oil sketch

I can put up four people and there is a very nice B&B and a hostel nearby; also dinner available at Cyprus Tree Inn; breakfast available at Cable House.
As I stated previously lunches are part of my fee, made with loving care by my wonderful husband, Bob:-)

I have two signed on so far and need at least two more, but four to eight students would be ideal. Anyone interested should call 
or email:

        I understand completely that this is not going to be possible for most who read this blog but just thought I'd mention it anyway; I also know it is a bit short notice. I think I have to get better at long term planning for these things!


  1. Oh I do wish I could attend! I love all your examples you've shared. Your work always is just exquisite, Karen.

    1. Thanks Crimson! I wish you could come for this too...it is always a fun experience.

  2. Beautiful portraits, Karen! Congratulations!

  3. Karen if there was any way I possibly could come to this I would be there in a heart beat. I would LOVE to paint with you and soak up all your incredible knowledge. Your students are so lucky. :) I wish you'd make a video or something one day, I'd love to see it.

  4. Hi there Karen!... Sounds marvelous... and will be a certain success for anyone attending!

    Your portrait work is exquisitely drawn... soulful and beyond mere anatomical correctness!

    Good luck with the venture!

    Cheers!... and Good Portraiting!
    Warmest regards,