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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Step in the right direction

     I chained myself to my art table (well, not literally) and worked this afternoon to overcome what was rapidly becoming a self defeating attitude. (Thanks Bruce for, once again, giving the needed pep talk:-). It is not the end of the world when the mind blocks but it sure is distracting. I started to feel it coming back and while this is not a top drawer piece it is beginning to have some of the sense of control that my personality type requires. I don't mind happy accidents but I do like to have a fairly close connection and concept to what the heck I'm doing. Choosing an all white setup was probably not the smartest way to jump back in. The light was changing a bit from the window and the overhead lights added some unwanted yellow cast but next session I might get out my colour corrected light stand and go over this again. Or just start something else. Right now I have to get back to all the petitions for world justice that I have lined up to sign. Apparently when enough individuals gather together to say the same thing the powers that be sometimes listen,(Occupy Wall Street case in point), although I have to admit I am glad there isn't a group out there getting ready to occupy my studio right now.


  1. I think this is so beautiful, Karen! I even like the piece below, though admit, the draping across the front of the pitcher isn't quite what I remember from your photographs. Still, your skill just shines!! I am so sorry to hear about your damaged piece too. I'd be so upset and spitting nails (probably at my poor husband even though it wasn't his fault).

  2. lol Don't beat yourself up! You've captured some nice luminosity in this pitcher. You've brought it around nicely. I like that you didn't give up early on. I think you've earned the right to move on... Good job!

  3. when a few weeks go by you'll probably look back at this and see how charming and wonderful it is. it's just taking you a bit to feel back in the swing. it's quite impossible for you to do anything that isn't spectacular. you'll be right as rain in no time.

  4. Looks awesome almost see through, so cool!