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Thursday, October 27, 2011

AshCan School - I Don't THINK so!

       I have not joined the Ash Can School of art but you wouldn't know it by the result of my first attempt to get back into painting. It put me off so much that I haven't looked at it in three days. I have changed the set up now a bit to simplify it even more and have taken myself to task to really LOOK at the colours that are in this piece of crockery. My head is floating around in clouds and down in the depths of confusion. I will be better again. I have to be up to my chops again. This is disgusting me. It didn't help to get the news that my piece, "Girl in a Garden" had to be sent back to me and won't be in the FCA 70th Anniversary show - it arrived "damaged." I don't know what that means as I haven't seen it yet, but I can surmise that the glass is broken. They have told me though, that the piece will still be seen on the website for the show so that is something. I shall have to switch to using plexiglass I suppose but I always worry about static electricity causing migration of pastel particles to the under
surface of the glass. I hate using fixatives as they can blob and discolour sometimes. 

       Meanwhile I have to get started my mantra while facing the setup and trying again, "I DO know how to paint, I DO know how to paint..."


  1. Yes! You definitely do know how to paint. Ahhh..the life of an artist. I don't think most people appreciate the ups and downs we face with shows, shipping pieces to customers, online sales, inventory..and that doesn't even include actually creating the paintings and artwork!

    I just know you will come up with something wonderful for the vase/jug.

  2. Hi Karen!... I feel you are being to harsh with your Self! To reach your usual level of confidence and capability is again... a (re)learning curve... like in all skill sets left unattended.

    A garden unattended... soon is overrun with weeds... so that the vegetables are completely hidden! Takes some serious weedin' to win back that garden patch!

    "Row by row...
    Little by little-
    Watch my garden grow!"

    Stick with it... every day! Little by little..."learning to ride the bicycle" will return to that standard that you expect of your ol' Self!

    Good Luck... and Good Painting!

    Warmest regards,

  3. So nice that your art will be on the website still! I wonder if you would like to work on gluing paper to wood or something similar? Then using beeswax to cover. Be tougher through the post.
    Your art is beautiful!
    :) Julie