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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pencil to paper

       It's pencil to paper! I broke through the wall, so to speak:-) Now if I can just get through all the past paperwork, emails, blog and FB posts, plus catching up on 68 Lines and Colors RRS feeds...www.linesandcolors.com check it out - wonderful artwork to look at from amazing artists around the world! There are just too many out there and the competition is killing me! But it's great never-the-less. Keeps everyone on their toes - kicks out the complacency - and keeps everyone sharp.
       Today I will put brush to paint to canvas...I swear!


  1. Off to a jolly good start you are, Karen. I look forward to seeing more of this!

  2. Hi Karen!... "Putting pencil to paper" seems like a sensible and productive start for any artist after a hiatus... or some unforseen and unavoidable obstruction to our creative process. That strategy sounds positive to me!

    However...when a creative and capable artist resorts to searching through "the competition's" work... and describes 68 reasons not to push forward... that sounds... just a tad negative... and an unnecessary distraction which can undermine her artistic recovery.

    You have unbelievable skills Karen... why not just bite the bullet... and paint... rather than search the competition... and making vague promises to your Self!

    This is just a private opinion I am sharing... and need not appear on your comments. It is intended to acknowledge your obvious talent and to help you re-focus those on your work.

    It is indeed a critical comment from an admiring peer. Sometimes... these as well... "keep us on our toes - kick out complacency... and keep us sharp!"

    Good luck... and Good Painting!
    Speedy recovery as well!

    Warmest regards,

  3. I love this Karen. You are so extraordinarily talented it just amazes me. :))

  4. Thank you! And Bruce, I want to publish your comment because it is so very true, and very much another little kick in the seat, so to speak:-) I need to quit looking around, as you say, at the "competition", although there are some fantastic artists whose work I enjoy looking at for no other reason than that it is fabulous! I have to spend too much time quelling that little negative voice inside - keep hoping she'll get bored and move out.

  5. Hi again "You"!... So glad to learn that my "pep talk" was received in the positive and encouraging vein that was intended!

    It would seem by this brave and open gesture that that negative voice that "You"..."I" and others have to keep in the background... is under control.

    It's obvious that your healing is occurring... inside and out!

    Keep searching... exploring and by all means admiring and infusing useful discoveries that you find in the work of those artists that you admire! That's healthy... and promotes artistic growth and development! WE all need a regualar dose of that! HA HA!!

    Good Sketching and Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  6. I am so glad you're painting again! I hope you're able to simply enjoy the creative process and appreciate your amazing talent. Thanks also for the link to linesandcolors.com - what a feast for the eyes.