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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Computer Death!

It seems I am to be unblogged for a time. My three year old iMac has given up the ghost. I am writing this on my husband's PC. I wrote a post previous to this but his computer had an "error" while saving so now I have to do this all over again. This is NOT my week for connecting I guess.

Basically I am annoyed because my previous Mac just kept going and going so having this one die so young is very upsetting. I did have a three year extended warranty but it expired three months ago. Naturally. Of course. Grrrrrrr.

Until I can either a) have my Mac brought back to life or b) get a new computer (which I cannot afford) I am incommunicado for a while. I will check my email on my dinosaur iBook laptop (11 years old and not up to anything other than email at this point) and when I can get my husband away from his desk I can follow your doings. If you absolutely feel the need to be in touch with me you can email karen@karenmartinarts.ca or ksampson@saywardvalley.net.

1 comment:

  1. Gee, Karen,

    That's aweful. My Mac is coming up on the three year mark. I hope you can have it fixed reasonably. I would FREAK if my just died.