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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Look at an Older Painting

I just entered this is this month's Bold Brush competition...it is from about four years ago and won
an award of Excellence at the CIPA show in Calgary. I ask myself if this is the direction I want to continue in...highly detailed and lots of time spent on small colour changes...months of work. Or do I want to do more of the painting-in-a-day themes? I did a few of those when I first started this blog. They were fun and there was a nice sense of accomplishment being more prolific. When I get back to painting on Samanda's picture I imagine I will strive for more of what I have going here, but there are fewer fussy details to consider. I hope to get back to that painting soon...too much in the way right now! Anyhow, if you like this consider going on to facebook where I have it
posted as of yesterday and vote "Like" for it and it will place it higher in the popular competition part. I am at Karen Martin Sampson on FB. If anyone likes it enough to buy it that is one thing, but there is no charge for simply "liking."


  1. Gee this is awesome!!! You are such a fine artist...Blessings!!

  2. You obviously are very talented at doing the details and all. Nice portrait. I'm trying to break away from the paintings that consume me w/detail so found your comments interesting. Maybe doing both is okay??

  3. Karen this is a very masterful painting. I have painted with great detail but also enjoy the daily painting thing because it loosens me up, I learn a lot, and there isn't as great an emotional investment in a small painting. In short, I think combining both is good for happiness and growth. I scrolled down and loveyour figurative work.

  4. It's so beautiful Karen! You are a master at painting the figure! I'll go like it for sure :)

    I know what you mean about spending so much time on the details, sometimes I wonder about the daily painting thing too. But I just don't know if it will fit my style, or what I enjoy about painting. Good luck with this!

  5. Thanks for everyone's insights! I know, it is hard to decide what direction to go in sometimes.

  6. Hi again Karen!... this painting has "Excellence" written and painted into every corner and square inch of the painting surface.

    Every word that we have spoken in the past tells "Me" that the "Karen" who strives for such meticulous beauty and Truth in everything in life and especially her Art... needs to look deeply into her heart and follow her intuition... pleasing her Self. The world is full of daily opportunities to find adventure and less demanding projects.

    I personally love... and look forward to paintings like these... that "speak" to "Me" about the sitter... and about "You"... the still..."Free Spirit"!!! Just my opinion!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  7. Wow, Bruce...how nice! You're making me tear up! I shall remember your words every time the doubts start to make their way into my brain...and that happens a lot!

  8. I know this lady! She started our life drawing group in Cumberland, which runs to this day, although she's moved to the UK. Marvellous likeness, beautiful painting and I enjoyed seeing it piece at the O.O. a couple of years back.

  9. I would really like to keep looking at this portrait,
    Everything is so wonderful and good, I admire your talent
    and I think what you are doing will be always very good
    more or less details ... only listen to your feelings
    that's you