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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finished Silk

I managed to steam the silk without anything bleeding, waited 48 hours to wash out the gutta,
and this is the finished result. For a first silk painting project in many years I am not unhappy with this, although I now feel I could do something more exciting. I think Sandy will like this in any case. It is time I was getting back to the painting of Samanda. Maybe tomorrow?


  1. The silk scarf is scrumptious, and I'm so glad to see it draped. It is even more lovely in use than flat. Yes, I believe this was quite a successful re-entry into the medium!

  2. Hi Karen!... The scarf is beautiful... as are your delicately crafted drawings. Love the active poses!

    Good Drawing... and Painting! Happy Fall!
    Warmest regards,

    PS We were "cruisin'....up in Meaford... Thornbury... Duntroon and Walters Falls! Thought of "early" You!

  3. Karen, this is lovely and the colors are fabulous!

  4. Thank you and so happy you like this! It inspires me to start another one soon. I promised one for my mother-in-law and Sandy says it should be "cupcakes." Not sure yet how I'll handle that one...

  5. Oh! It's gorgeous!!! I want one of those! ;)

  6. Thanks, Crystal. I will paint you one for a very reasonable fee (under $100) if you are serious! But it would have to be different from this...pick a subject...and colours you like.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Karen. I love ferns and the colours and drapery of this is outstanding!

  8. Hi Cheryl, thanks for joining my blog and I really appreciate your lovely comment. Nice to meet you!