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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where to put the rest of the teddy bears...

Finally coming into the home stretch, I think, but I STILL have to decide where to put the other teddy bears and the crucifix. I kind of like the image as it is but part of my reason for doing this painting is to be "telling" a "story" (the exhibit is called "Telling Stories" after all). Part of Sandy's story involves her surrounding of which I am only able to show a small section here. Her walls are not blank...none of them are anywhere in her house. These items she has chosen to display are all part of who she is and part of her story. Going to need to use some retouch varnish on the guitar, I think. The dark Indigo colour gets splotchy (technical term) looking when gone over more than once or twice. Dark colours can also look dead and sunken in spots, thus the saving grace of retouch varnish. Those dots are meant to be sparkles that are part of the guitar's finish...hoping the use of iridescent paint on top will make those dots shiny. Shiny needs to be on those sequins on the jeans also. This is new territory for me...

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