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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yesterday's effort perhaps doesn't look like much at this point. I never used to let anyone see my work in the beginning stages but now I find there are things to be learned from looking at underpainting. Deciding on composition, basic values, and undertones that will influence the look of later layers of colour tell a lot about how the final work will turn out. Each step is another path taken and a rejection of other possible steps that could have been taken, for better or worse. I always find myself wondering, "what if" regarding those steps I have chosen...suppose I had decided to put a different colour as underpainting, or heightened or diminished the value key, and by how much? Move this shape over a bit...what would happen? I have sometimes thought I would try to make all the versions of a painting that come to mind while I am working on a "chosen" one...do the same piece over and over but each with a shift in mood, colour, composition, etc. It could turn into a life's work as the choices are almost endless. Today while this paint layer dries I will work on a composition for the things hanging on the wall behind Sandy. The large light window area may need something. Perhaps a soft indication of the trees that were outside, a bit of the valance curtain and a slice of the window frame. Right now it just looks blank and meaningless...or maybe I will just continue the wall over. The window may be superfluous. Even after making initial choices more decisions have to be faced. Painting is a form of faith and courage. If I fail, though, no lives will be harmed at least!

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