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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Two more days on the painting...

Now the tweaking starts...redrawing bits here and there, changing colours and values in a few places. I redid Sandy's eyes as they looked a little crossed before. That took two hours. One hand is pretty much finished but still have to do the one under her chin. The guitar details will come soon. Also, I decided to forget the window on the left and just made the whole background as the wall with a light source coming from outside of the left of the picture plane (we can pretend the window is over there:-) ) I like the way the skin tones and background colour echo one another, and it is picked up in a few places on the shirt's flower design. I noticed after I began to really pay attention that even the inside cavity of the guitar has the same colours as part of the skin tones. The hard part is figuring out where to place the crucifix and the teddy bears. I don't want them taking over the focal point, which is Sandy! Paying attention is one of the important parts of drawing and painting. It is easy to make assumptions about what is there before you really look. It's ok to follow your early assumptions once you know the "truth" but then it is based on knowledge, not guessing.

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