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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The "Hobbler" pushes on...

The doctor says this boot must stay on for another month. I am managing. It could certainly be a lot worse! For now I am getting geared up to work more seriously in the studio again. It is always difficult to find that dedication after having been gone for a while. The painting of Sandy is started, at least some underpainting and I am ready to begin the real work. The weather is a bit lighter and that helps my mood. The snow is mostly melted so getting out to the studio is easier than last week. I have decided on a Payne's Gray underpainting as the light in the room where I photographed Sandy had that cool tone, plus she had painted on her wall that colour and then overpainted a wash of peachy tone with the gray showing through. The texture will add an interesting texture on the upper right side in contrast to the smooth black expanse of the guitar. I am deliberating on where to place the teddy bears and the crucifix; I want them to compliment not distract.

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