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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello From Cortes Island

Part of our group last weekend on Cortes Island in the Children's Forest

                This is just a quick check in as I haven't posted since mid July. I have been SO busy and will continue to be so for a while. And it's only nine days until I leave for the east and my son's wedding. (The dress is turning out great thank goodness!).

                   I spent three days last weekend on Cortes Island with a group of other artists and those who live on the island trying to arrange financing to buy a tract of forest there to keep in perpetuity for future generations. They are calling it the Children's Forest and have many of the island children involved in this. A logging company has plans to come in the next few months to start logging much of the island and it will be a real shame if they take everything! Those of us who were invited artists spent the time photographing, sketching and painting to come up with ideas for finished artwork that will be auctioned off on SaltSpring Island in October (they have a bigger potential for lots of buyers there). I cannot begin to tell you how well we were treated...and fed! It was an amazing experience and I want to delve into this more and provide many more photos in a later post.

                  My Mother-of-the-Groom dress is very close to completion and has been through a few transformations (i.e. ripping out and redoing). I will also post photos of me in the dress at the wedding at a future date.

                  Cheers to all of you and I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


  1. That really is a beautiful photo, Karen, and I must say that I love your hair. You are going to look so beautiful at your son's wedding. I hope and pray that this Children's Forest can be saved.

  2. Hi Crimson, so glad you like the photo...the forest is incredibly beautiful and diverse. As for my hair, honestly I was just thinking I badly need a haircut! In fact I just called my friend in Courtenay who cuts my hair (about twice a year:-) to see what she could do with this mop! It will be hot and humid back in Hilton NY (and the Toronto area) and my hair does not do hot and humid very well! I use a great product by Kiss My Face to help control it but when the humidity reaches the stratosphere nothing works! Instant Brillo Pad.