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Monday, August 13, 2012

Dress Unveiling!

The hem layers actually hang pretty evenly at a side slope...
the upper layer is hanging weird due to the way it is on the hanger...looks better on a body.

           Another quick post...I couldn't resist showing off photos of the dress which is finally about completed. I have a few straggly fibres to trim off the hems and may add some extra hand embroidery to the neckline, but otherwise I am finished! And with a week to spare! And, to my amazement I have discovered that I am down to 112 lbs. and I wasn't even trying...I haven't weighed so little in about 20 years. (I guess that shows what a bit of stress and hiking around wilderness forests will do for you.) 

            Now I have to get back to sanding and refinished the rest of my studio deck. Can't wait to get out there...sigh.


  1. Your dress is absolutely amazing! I just love the subtle changes of color you've got going on. I looked back at your process. Wow who would have known? Lobster pot??? Why don't we know this recipe in Maine?

    New body, new dress. Perfect! Have a great day, Karen.

  2. Wow, your dress is lovely! Now to see you in it. Hope you will post some pics while you are wearing it. Have a great day at the wedding!

  3. Nicely done, Karen!

    Congrats... you are so multi talented. The dress is lovely and the fabric very flowy and feminine. Perfect for you and your creative spirit.

    Also congrats on the weight loss. You must look AMAZING. 112 is so tiny. Good for you! You must feel great!

    I know how you feel. In Florida, I had lost the remainder of my weight and I am actually thinner now than I was when I had modeled. It feels great! I have so much energy.

    Also, Congrats to your son and your family on the wedding. What a lovely reunion you will all have. I hope you have THE best time!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer...


  4. Living right and eating healthy will have you in wonderful shape, yes? I wish I could do that! At this point, I'd be happy at 130 lbs. Sheesh. Anyway, Karen, this dress is so stunning and so something that would immediately grab my attention in the store. The delicate blue to green, green to blue and the stunning leaves...Oh my! I would so wear this myself!

  5. I think your dress is gorgeous. I admire your talent with the dying and the putting it all together. I hope you have a fab time wearing it.