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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Auspicious Start to the New Year

Afternoon Sentinel I  & Afternoon Sentinel II,  oils,  each is 14"x18"

       SOLD! Both of these paintings have just become the property of a couple back in Ontario who have been faithful, ongoing collectors of my work for well over a dozen years. These were once called "portraits of daffodils" by an acquaintance when he first saw them in a gallery exhibition.  I liked that. I did not intend for these to be the usual "pretty" sort of floral fluff and tried to paint them showing the strength I felt from the flowers at the height of their spring beauty. The second image, unfortunately, is a bit over exposed (I really need to rephotograph it before I ship them off). The colours are strong and I called each of these, "Afternoon Sentinel", I and II as they appeared like guards at their post to me. In any case this bodes well for the first week of the new year and gives me that little kick in the butt I sometimes need - ok - that I almost always need. What is wrong with me I sometimes ask, that I don't spring out of bed every morning and dash to the studio and whip out a grand canvas? Each piece seems to require an intense part of my being and so I hover around the edges, thinking up the next works, and wondering what will happen and if they will ever actually be made. I am not and never will be a dash-it-off painter. I am a planner and a plodder. I've said it before. I did try to dash off that last still life with the apples and the bowl on some fabric. It is ok but when I look at it I do not feel its presence. 

       The afghan is progressing and now I've begun to work out some colour comps for a new quilt that I might make...or not. I seem to be happy to peruse all my knit, fabric, sewing and fibre art books and absorbing the colours and textures. The day will come, and maybe soon, when that will suddenly lose it's lustre for me and I'll be loading up the palate again gessoing some canvas. I'm still biding my time, even though I am fully aware that I don't have all that much left to bide.  No, I'm not dying (well, I am, but we all are), however, I am at an age where too much future planning and thinking that there is all the time in the world is just not practical. And I want what is left to be joyous, fun, and to leave behind concerns about where my "career" is going. Having this couple contact me to purchase this work is full justification for just being and doing since I know the work is going to a good and appreciative home. I think about all the work I have done that has been bought and now hanging in various places and realize that it is not too shabby for a legacy. To these kind (and certainly far-sighted, ever so cultured, and highly discriminating regarding art) people I will always be famous. The art might even be passed down to future generations and perhaps they too will find joy and delight in seeing the work on their walls. It's about as good as it gets.


  1. Yeesh Karen! I thought these were photographs! Had to hit the reset button on myself when I began reading! I'm glad I'm not the only one whose thoughts turn in the directions your words turned. Too many interests too little time. That is me indeed.

  2. Congratulations Karen! What a wonderful way to start the year. I agree with all that you say, it just gives such a boost to have your work appreciated..and..sold. I know you will be spending many hours this week pursuing your new artistic endeavor.

  3. these are absolutely stunning! i can't believe they are oils. they look like watercolor to me (lover of watercolor) light and airy.

  4. Thanks Liana. I am now feeling more inspired to do some more florals I think:-)

  5. they are absolutely gorgeous! and just like conservativelybohemian i thought they were photos. amazing work and wonderful light. the owners must be very pleased and happy about their new purchases:)