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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paint This Fruit Before It Rots

       The Napthol Red finally dried so I took out a couple of semi-large brushes, mixed up just a few colours (not my usual palatte) and splashed away. This isn't great art but I had fun. Good thing as the fruit is beginning to be on its way out. It was the first real painting I've done in ages. Once this dries I'll probably go back in and work more on the folds of fabric. I really enjoyed just letting stuff happen here and not trying to be too perfect, but I am hoping to get back some focus soon, start a series, paint something that means something to me. If the weather holds I can arrange for Mike Ward, the model, to come up to pose in the box which sits here in the studio like some mysterious sarcophagus or new age shrine that I dare not move because I'm not sure I could get it all back together again.

       I was thinking about a painting a series of unmade beds but I'm pretty sure that's been done already...the great thing about painting fabrics is that they hold a pose without getting hungry or saying they need a break.




  1. I think it is great art, Karen. You did a fabulous job on the cloth, catching both fold lines and scrunches beautifully. I also love the palette on this one.

  2. Beautiful work and so colorful! The tone of yellow you used is really soothing. Love it! Happy painting!

  3. Great painting, whenever i see apples i always think of Cezanne.
    Your work has a real freshness, i followed.