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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Singing for my supper at TOSH

     Being in a show is always a bit of a bittersweet experience. The fact that I was invited to participate does not ease the somewhat jittery sense of self doubt that exhibiting frequently elicits. Is the work up to the quality of the rest of the show? Will my piece "fit" with the genre? Is there going to be any special notice of my contribution? There are some conflicting feelings of ego and humility involved too. Is it saying "Look at ME...look at ME!" when in a show? Yes, it must be - as artists we hope people will indeed LOOK. There is also the feeling of bearing one's soul to the eyes of strangers which can cause some discomfort, so maybe one would prefer "look at me...but not too hard." The whole exhibition process is an odd notion in some ways. In many more so-called primitive cultures art is just a part of every day life. Everyone appreciates the work but does not hold it on any special separate pedestal. Not having it around would be felt, the work is important to the collective soul of the group, but does the individual artist receive accolades? Here, on the walls of The Old School House (TOSH) gallery I sing for my supper so to speak...and do I get supper or do I go away hungry? There was definitely appreciation in the large group that came to the reception and that is a pretty decent meal.


  1. amazing post karen! perfect analogy and description of what artists go through when exhibiting their work. so true and so well written. and congratulations on the show, your work in breathtaking.

  2. Hi "You"!... It is an act of courage to face the exhibition firing squad each and every time we hang our work. That goes with "speaking" your Voice and Truth!

    As you mentioned in the post... art(like North West Coastal) was a part of everyday life... on every household and work-related or religious (totemic)item. It was simply lived with daily... comfortably and despite the reverence accorded the gifted carvers... Art was an simply viewed with pride as an extension of life and culture.

    Today... so much emphasis and the possibility for success is put upon criticism and this responsibility is placed in the hands of the critics... who have never painted a stroke or sculpted. Having art for the sake of art has given way largely to an attitude of "acquisition-to-display position"... or to fill out an investment portfolio. Those are reasonable motives... but miss the real reason for creating art... in my mind anyway!

    Your work requires no critical acclaim or stamp of approval. It lives... breathes and evokes emotional response that without your brush and effort... could never be seen and enjoyed as it is!

    Stay your course! Paint your heart out! ... SMILE!... and be proud! The respect of your peers is the coin of your realm! "You" are indeed rich... as I read regularly!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Thanks once again, dear blogger friends, for your warm response! Bruce, you always give me a lift!

  4. Yes, Karen! I've always said that having a show is like showing up at a party naked! You know - those nightmares you sometimes have? But I think you'll have success, your work is beautiful. Good luck!