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Friday, July 15, 2011

Finding the Right Greens & the Price of Potatoes

Using the Pan Pastels for background with the little painting knife style tool...liking it a lot! Nice choice of colours from the portrait set I got so I think I'll investigate some other colours of Pan Pastel now. They work well for the large areas on the jug too. The grapes are being done mostly with pastel pencils as I don't have the right colour greens in any of my sticks, except for the Nupastel yellow/green. I love the Granny Smith Apple Green in the Conte pastel pencil that I have. Can't seem to locate that shade in any of the brands of stick pastels so far but I probably haven't looked hard enough. I have dozens of other greens and none are right. Interesting. Below are the colours I'm using most (again, except for the yellow green Nupastel). I have none like these in my soft or hard stick pastels. They are all either too blue or too olive, too light or too dark. I shall have to take some time to investigate online I guess. Opus Art Supply in Victoria has Rembrandt and Nupastels but other brands I have to order. Frustrating. Oh, they have the Pan Pastels now too - must check those when I get down there!

Actually I'll be in Victoria tomorrow but a busy day is planned and I don't know if I'll get to Opus. Taking the Brentwood ferry to Sydney to see friends for lunch and then to Victoria to pick up Tyler (13 yr. old grandson) and we'll take him and  his Mom to the Paint In on Moss St. put on by the Victoria Museum. About 100 artists chosen from a larger number who applied (I am told) and mostly doing demos of their chosen style and medium. And hurray! It is NOT supposed to rain as has been predicted all week (its been raining here non-stop for a week) but just cloudy, and I can live with that! We have not had much of a summer here but it beats heat and humidity...still some real sunshine that lasts more than a day - or a few hours -  would be such a treat! Farmers down province are filing for government aid since it has been such a wet year crops are rotting in the fields. There goes the price of potatoes again.


  1. It's coming along beautifully, Karen. :)

  2. Looking very nice !
    Have a fantastic time at the Paint In :) xx

  3. Karen,
    Your pastel work is beautiful! I, too, am glad you decided to cave-in on that vase. It is serving you well. Thank you for posting your WIP, it's so nice to see the progression.

  4. Can't wait till done! Beautiful - Love the vase!