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Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking Back

Just for a bit, here, I am stepping into some past work. This piece was a coloured pencil painting that I did many years ago. I had it made into lithographic prints and managed to sell some; also sold the original art. I still have enough of these prints to paper a house with and I have not done prints of anything since. It just didn't seem like the right venue for me.
Right now it looks like I may be teaching a workshop on coloured pencil at the request of Impressions Gallery; maybe a pastel and a drawing workshop also. I haven't been doing much with coloured pencil in a while so will need to dust off my box of colours and get a few sheets of archival quality toned mat board (my preferred surface). Some coloured pencil artists are using things like Bestine to manipulate the colours but I think I will probably stay away from those kinds of chemicals as I have allergic reactions when I am overly exposed...say after about ten seconds.
It is possible to make the pencil colours look almost like paint - very smooth and texture free. For me the textural quality is part of the appeal. I'll post when I know if this workshop is a go.


  1. I just happened to find your blog and I think all your work here is just lovely. Really beautiful portraits. I paint portraits too. This piece is truly beautiful, I love the texture of colored pencil too. Also I love the idea here. Very nice :)

  2. Hi Karen!.... Love the wonderful composition and colour harmony that "You" have created in this piece!

    Your other (nearly destroyed)... now successful double portrait proves that perserverence... a stout reserve... and some creative "Imagineering" will ALWAYS lead to a positive experience and further learning! Good for "You"!!!

    "I" am a Follower... and will be checkin' in regularly for new things!

    Good Painting!
    Warm regards,

  3. Hello Karen,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving those kind, friendly comments! I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your blog. This portrait (and the lone tulip) particularly caught my attention. This is a fabulous piece! I love the shimmery blues, the lights and what a great composition!