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Friday, April 16, 2010

Dealing with disappointments

Now is not the time to allow set backs to interfere with what is otherwise an upward focusing frame of mind. I have been turned down for the artist-in-residence position at Painters at Painters Lodge, and today received my rejection letter from the Canada Council regarding my grant application. I am still not considered on the level of the top echelon of artists. That is probably an accurate accounting of my abilities in some ways. In other ways I feel there is an oversight on the part of the jury committees. I am shooting fairly high these days so have to expect some fizzling out sometimes. I am noticing almost a plethora of amazingly talented artists across the planet. No one promised that the reach would be easy or that being seen in the crowd would come to pass. It is time to remember the people who have given encouragement and a vote of confidence through the purchase of my work and the students who seek my knowledge and
mentorship. This means something I am doing has real value. How can I be downcast when I am living a dream life in so many ways? Rejections merely push me to work harder and better. That is a gift too.


  1. Mountains and trees ARE fun to move around, and thanks for your encouragement Karen! However, try doing that with a classical portrait, not a chance. Great drawing there, and with the model right there. Great photo and solid work!

  2. I am shocked, your artwork is outstanding! Everything happens for a reason, onward and upward to better things :)

  3. Great spirit you have!
    Don't give up - if at first you don't succeed try, try again :-)
    One of the trademarks of a successful person is that they well and truely follow this motto.
    Your work is excellent.