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Monday, March 29, 2010

Sandy finished...

I am the "featured artist of the week" on the Top Artist's Directory...kind of unexpected. I have only been on the site a few weeks. Very nice, though! Kim put my painting of "Nicole in the Rose Trellis" on the page. I have also, as apparent here in the photo above, completed the painting of Sandy. I had to work my way through some difficult stages with this one but Sandy is happy and I am happy. Reading Portrait Painter Atelier by Suzanne Brooker and finding out a few things regarding the use of glazes. I decided to try some of that on this painting and I like the results. I have used glazes many times in my work but never with medium, just a thinned down paint. Geez, LOUISE (my middle name for real)...mediums really make it flow! I used Liquin here but there are many versions of medium that are possible. To much of the technical end of some of this stuff makes my eyes glaze over, though.