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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Online Instruction

I am working on a new brochure for my latest project - an online art class. I have been mentoring a few portrait students online for the past year or so through the Canadian Institute of Portrait Artists and it seems to work pretty well. Aha, I thought - a new venture to develop! I am offering classes in six week increments and the $125 fee will include weekly assignments and personalized demos, suggestions, critiques, and encouragement. Each student can decide on the area they are interested in studying and work at their own pace. No traveling or packing or extra expenses for accommodations, food, transportation, etc. You do need to be able to send and receive jpegs.
I want to continue to offer in-house, in-person workshops and am planning another draped figure class for this September, weekend of 19th and 20th. Emphasis will be on drawing and painting the costumed figure with model fee and Bob's famous vegetarian lunches included in the fee. To register for this workshop email me at ksampson@saywardvalley.net or call 250-282-0134.

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