"Everybody knows a work of art takes at least an hour!" Lucy to Linus, (Peanuts)

FineArtViews Painting Competition - Twice in the Fav 15%

http://canvoo.com/boldbrush/badge/13203 three times selected for FAV15%, Fine Art Views Bold Brush Painting Competition

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Viewing closeup details of work has its own fascination. Does the feel of the larger piece change or does it allow for more insight to the process? A bit of both I think. These recent pastels have been teaching me to let go more. I am going to be working back in oil paint for my next painting and wonder if I will utilize any of the lessons from the pastel process. One of the exciting things about making art is that even when carefully planned there are surprises that result in the final work.

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