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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

I guess I am finally getting around to being a part of the 21st century. I have a functioning website for my art, and now a blog! I remember when I first heard the term about three years ago - I had no idea what it meant. Something about an airline server who put inappropriate photos of herself on her blog and got into trouble for it. I don't intend to put any "inappropriate" images on my blog so I may lose some followers right off the bat. Those who remain will, I hope, find my posts to be of some interest and possibly informative too. I welcome any comments from you, (just please be gentle!).
In the following weeks I am going to stumble through a new group of works and see if they appeal to anyone. Whether they do or not isn't the issue really, but it would be great to have universal, unstinting approval. In case that doesn't happen I will at least be learning some new things - always good to exercise the little grey cells.
As I work on the new pieces I will examine and explain as best I can what I am thinking and what my process is. This is not rocket science. Much of art is intuitive, but there are some tried and true techniques that can serve to promote better understanding of how "art" is made. Please enjoy and perhaps learn from the small gifts I have to offer.
I will post more as I become better acquainted with this new method of communication.
Oh yes, to see more of my work go to my site at www.karenmartinarts.ca। Thanks.


  1. Congrats Karen on your progress and hard work! I cheer you forward!

  2. Fantastic initial blog Karen! It is wonderful to get to know you a little, understand your perspective and some of your journey! I anticipate reading many more of your wonderful posts! cheers ruth;D