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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little White Jug On A Doily

I've decided to stick with this little white jug subject for a while. I can see a lot of possible ways to paint this and for now it is something of interest for me. I love the shape and the way the light reflects around
the surface.  I found this jug in a flea market in Viroqua, Wisconsin two years ago and almost didn't get it as it was $22, more than I really wanted to pay. I went back to it twice before deciding that I would be sorry if I didn't get it.  So glad I did!  
The motivation to continue is strong for the moment but knowing me, well, that could change.  I have to battle with inner demons sometimes who ask me why I keep trying to be an artist and what do I expect to get out of it, etc., etc.. I already get so much that the question doesn't really need to be asked.  I get to follow my dream and be independent. Even if it never makes me rich or famous I am blessed.  Still, there is a struggle with each work that every artist knows about.  Will this piece turn out well?  How do I make my
inner vision appear on the canvas the way I want it to?  What am I trying to say
with this subject or am I trying to say anything at all?  And who cares?  That is a big hurdle sometimes - justifying my efforts when the world is already so full of
tremendously talented artists.  
One thing about this lifelong effort, I am never bored!

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