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Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's raining good luck in work and actual water!

          Completed (I think) and leaving me ready to go back to the other two small floral works I started two months ago! I still might go in and pull a few more petals out into the foreground, but for now I am reasonably happy with this. I can't think about it any more.

            I received some excellent news on thursday...all three of my entries into the Sooke Fine Art Show have been accepted. Considering there were 1335 entries and only 163 artists made the cut, and only 19 of those had all three of their entries accepted, I feel especially honoured and pleased! Now I need to pull together 12 copies of my bio (they have bio books about the artists laying throughout the gallery display area) and print up some new art cards (we are encouraged to have cards and prints of our work for sale in the gallery gift shop), and pack up the work to deliver next saturday. It is about a 4 1/2 hr. drive and I was so happy that Bob immediately suggested we deliver the work in person rather than shipping it. It is a chance to visit daughter and grandson who live down that way; maybe even pick up Tyler to bring back with us for a few weeks. Here are the three pieces that are going into the show:

          I am also taking Debbie Reusch's piece "On the Gauntlet" (she is my neighbor up here in Sayward valley) for her as this was accepted into the show. Due to some misunderstanding about the dates of production on two other of her works they were disqualified, unfortunately, as I think they stood a good chance of also being accepted. Debbie does beautiful watercolours. You can see her work at http://www.debbiereusch.blogspot.comI know she would love you to visit. Her work is delicate and sensitive but with a very strong underlying feel; each of her pieces is carefully thought out and constructed yet not static or cold...they offer a sense of quiet satisfaction and appealing comfort.

          We continue to live in our rain slickers over sweaters while the rest of the continent seems to be baking and thirsty. Sick as I get of so much wetness I realize we are actually lucky...I could not work in all the heat and humidity and I very much dislike air conditioning. Today, Canada Day, a bit of sun maybe? Hard to tell at 9:52 am, but at least it is not currently raining! Good thing we live on the lower slope of the mountain as all the water slides past us rather than filling our basement and it is not at flood stage in the valley floor although the river is quite high. It's hard to find a wetless enough day to cut the grass  and soon it will be kneehigh again if it doesn't dry out a bit soon. My gumboots are holding up well at least.


  1. Congratulations! If you need a pit stop on the way, you can always drop by for a cup of tea.

  2. Congratulations, they are such beautiful paintings, so it is no surprise really.

  3. Congratulations, Karen. Your three accepted pieces are beautiful and I so love the hydrangeas. Wish we could have some of that rain.

  4. Congratulations, Karen! The hydrangeas is stunning! I love the other works as well. I checked the link of your friend's work. Love the old car.

  5. Congratulations! I can see why, they are all stunning

  6. Hi Karen, that is such great news about your paintings; congratulations! I really enjoy your work and knowing/seeing all the thought that goes in to each piece. These three make such a wonderful set, hopefully they will be shown together.

    I also enjoyed Debbies blog. Thanks for including her link; her work is striking.