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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Revisiting a Subject

My friend Lyndia noticed immediately that I have used this model before and with peonies too.  Sometimes you just don't feel finished with a subject. Some artists paint the same thing over and over and over. Usually I get bored with a subject and want to move on but here is a case where I had more to say. I've been attracted to profiles in the last year or so also and since these days I am trying very hard to paint what I want to paint rather than what I feel is marketable I am enjoying myself much more. Trying to come up with pieces that might "sell" is getting harder and harder and the frustration level gets pretty high. I now have a small monthly pension so can feel less pressure. Have to be careful and I can't buy that new camera I've been wanting but somehow it isn't keeping me up nights:-) In fact, knowing I can now pay my regular monthly bills is helping with the sleeping-like-a-baby thing immeasurably! Life is feeling pretty good these days and I am working hard at keeping all the bad news out there from getting me down.  All we can do is our little part to leave the world a better place and encourage others to do the same. 


  1. Wow, this is coming along beautifully, Karen.

  2. Good Morning Karen!.... This is the "You" that "I" much admire and respect... not only for your magnificence in portraiture... but as much for your magnificence in character... courage and commitment!!! Whoever said "C's" werent good enough... neglected to realize how invaluable these "C's" are!

    We all lose our way... or worse look at the grass on the other side and feel regret... low Self esteem... or in a word... "unworthiness".

    But in reality... no one except us is responsible ... or can pull us out of the dark days we face from time to time!

    That depth of character... and the will to rise above adversity is embedded deeply within Karen. "I" feel it in my SElf... and recoconize it in others... like "Me"!

    I never give up on those who reach out... and continue to "fight the good fight"! "You" are back in the game. Forget about the awards... the market and what others are doing! PAINT!

    "You" are deeply blessed... by the Universe... the beautiful world that you live in... and by Bob - your Rock!

    "You"... are deeply blessed! Whisper that... while you work!

    Many blessings... and Happiness!
    Warmest regards,

  3. I do like your philosophy. Unfortunately, I live the opposite. I live lavishly-never taking worry of what tomorrow might or might not bring. I say...get that new camera. You deserve it. Find a way. LOL..that's just me.

  4. Wow Karen, this is SO beautiful! I love how delicate her hand under her chin is. Truly you are a master. :) I agree with you about painting what you want to instead of what's marketable. It's something that I've been focusing on this year much more and it makes me happier. That's why I started painting in the first place because it makes me happy.

  5. How sweet you all are! I love having all my blogging buddies but sometimes wish we could get together face to face - we're spread out all over the planet though and that in itself is pretty amazing!